Nonprofit Law Firm Business Plan

Nonprofit Law Firm Business Plan

Advocates for Legal Equal Access (a non-profit, public interest law company) provides civil rights legal assistance to Portland citizens. Advocates’ provides legal aid to those that cannot afford it and those that are not serviced through other organizations. America is by nature litigious. While everyone has the same legal rights and all citizens have equal rights, it is generally necessary to hire an attorney in order to enforce or assert those rights. This is not a problem only for people who have the money to do so, but civil rights can often be compromised for those without it. Advocates for Legal Equal Access aims to reverse this trend and offer legal assistance to those who can’t afford it.

Advocates for Legal Equal Access was established and led by Al Rand. Al Rand will use his marketing and networking skills to increase visibility and raise donations for the organization. Advocates for Legal Equal Access is dependent on the generosity of law firms and corporations as well as pro-bono donations from lawyers. Advocates For Legal Equal Access will start with a donation from Al. It will then continue to rely on donations.

1.1 Objectives

The following objectives will be met in the first three years after operation begins:

  1. To create a service-based organization whose primary goal is to exceed customer’s expectations.
  2. To provide legal assistance to Portland citizens who couldn’t otherwise afford it.
  3. To increase donations annually by 20%

1.2 Mission

Advocates for Legal Equal Access’ mission is to provide the Portland indigent community with legal services for civil rights issues. Our mission is to keep customers and attract new ones. This maxim will guide everything else. We will exceed your expectations with our services.

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