Office Supplies Retail Business Plan

Office Supplies Retail Business Plan

Green Office addresses the market need of environmentally-friendly office supplies. Green Office was established as an Illinois Corporation, Stan Cooksey being the principal shareholder. Green Office will provide services to a variety of customers, including businesses and government agencies.


Green Office will be selling eco-friendly products that recycle materials, reuse “recharged” old parts, and use nontoxic options. Green Office will sell recycled paper including notepads, envelopes, and copier papers. They also offer a variety of inkjet cartridges, laser toners, and common office supplies, such as correction fluid.


Green Office has identified three market segments. The first segment includes corporations, which have a 8% rate of growth and 12,000 potential clients. The second category includes government agencies with an 11% growth rate, and 7,886 customers. Assorted customers are the last with a 7% rate of growth and 56,888 potential customers.

Competitive Edge

Green Office will offer a complete line of office supplies. This will make Green Office a one-stop supply shop. Green Office will provide exceptional customer care. It understands that shopping should be easy and enjoyable if it hopes to develop long-term relationships.


Stan Cooksey will manage Green Office. Stan received his undergraduate degree from the University of Chicago. Stan was the Government Agency Unit Regional Sales Manager at Symantec Software. Stan completed his Executive MBA at Symantec while working with the company.

Green Office is supported by a proven business model, carefully identified market segments, and a top notch management team. Green Office projects sales of $818,000 in year two and $1,004,000 the following year. In the second year, we will be profitable.

1.1 Objectives

  • To become the premier source of environmentally-friendly office supplies.
  • To offer green office supplies that don’t cost more than 10% and are often the same price or less than non-green supplies.
  • Within two years, your business will grow quickly and be profitable.

1.2 Mission

It is Green Office’s mission to become a leading vendor of environmentally-friendly office supplies. Green Office will be a market leader in offering an extensive, competitively priced selection and the best customer service.

1.3 Keys to Success

  • Offer environmentally-friendly office supplies at competitive prices.
  • Secure large contracts with government agencies and corporations.
  • Ensure fiscal efficiency through strict financial controls.

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