Outsourced Computer Support Business Plan

Outsourced Computer Support Business Plan

Austin Kinetic provides information technology consulting services to the Austin Metro region. We have top quality engineers and a keen interest for customer satisfaction. The right time is now for consulting companies to flourish. Capital is now available to improve IT infrastructure because of recent stock market gains. Austin Kinetic will be able to compete for a lot of this emerging business. The company is now incorporated in Nevada. It also has an operating permit for Texas. Austin Kinetic projects a very impressive cumulative net profit at the end of year 3.

The Market

Because of its high number of technology companies, Austin is often called the “little Silicon Valley”. Austin is a strong market because of its low cost of living, and the potential for expansion. There are over 71,000 companies in Austin, which is the Austin Metro area’s goal. There are only four big competitors. This combination provides a rich opportunity, bolstered by the current up-turn in the area and national economy.

The Model for Business

Austin Kinetic will utilize the industry expertise of its founders for outstanding customer service. In its initial stages, Austin Kinetic will operate with minimal overhead. Its founders will work from their homes, and use their personal transportation means to reach customers. The company will be developed with a customer service and satisfaction mindset in order to build acceptance and a positive image in the local market.

The Management Team

Austin Kinetic’s management team includes Cary Curry (Adam Authortisement), Bob Borgware (Cary Curry), Dean Dri (Edgar Extension) and Dean Dri (Dean Dri). This will allow Austin Kinetic to succeed. Over forty-eight years cumulative experience in service operation management and support IT technology. They are currently certified in multiple technologies, covering a range of disciplines such as logical and physical networks structure and management. They have served in various technical positions with Fortune 500 companies throughout their careers. They have also been successful in both small and big environments.

1.1 Objectives

The goals of Austin Kinetic for the first five year:

  1. At least 24 full-time service contract customers must be established and maintained.
  2. You can open an Austin office.
  3. Break the Big M mark in revenue.

1.2 Mission

Austin Kinetic is an innovative business technology company that was founded on the belief that one company can make more than a difference, it can change the whole face of business as we know it.

1.3 Keys for Success

  • Depth of Knowledge
  • A wide range of abilities.
  • For customers to have a good business relationship and understand their business, it is important to establish strong relationships.
  • Ability to network with industry professionals.

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