Paintball Facility Business Plan

Paintball Facility Business Plan

Jungle Zone Paintball will officially open its doors April 1. The location is just off Interstate Highway 5 Raphael WA. It serves over 750,000 people within the Greater Richmond area. Paintball is a popular recreational sport and is on the rise across the country. There are now national and regional paintball competitions that offer cash prizes up to $100,000. Jungle Zone Paintball’s indoor and outdoor facilities will be available, along with a concession stand as well as a rental and rental shop.

John Martin, co-owner of Jungle Zone Paintball, has been connected with the sport for over ten years. John has been the manager at the Rosemead Urban Nightmare Paintball center for five years. This is a 100-mile south of Raphael. He is a regular at all the regional paintball events. Last year, he was also the league commissioner for Rosemead’s 25-team Xtreme League Competition.

Rosemead’8217;s Xtreme league has ten teams from Raphael. They have already pledged to recruit six more teams to form a new league in the area. Jungle Zone Paintball is the league’s practice and play area.

Jungle Zone Paintball now has the support to create a youth league of 10-15 players. The league play will be a basis for Jungle Zone Paintball’s ability to grow its customer base, and promote paintball to other customers.

John Martin and Wendy Martin are part of the team responsible for designing, building and developing the facility and managing the day-to-day operations. They also include Larry Priest, William Johnson, Larry Priest, and William Johnson. A team-oriented and customer-focused eight-member staff will also support the management team.

1.1 Objectives

Jungle Zone Paintball will construct a paintball facility in Raphael (WA). A snack bar, rental shop and indoor/outdoor painting areas are some of the products/services offered by Jungle Zone Paintball. Private investors will fund the commercial funding. Jungle Zone Paintball expects to open on April 1. The first year of gross revenue will be top-notch.

1.2 Mission

Jungle Zone Paintball was established to provide Raphael with the best paintball facility. It will provide outstanding service, high quality ammunition and rental equipment, as well as a clean-up area, which will be available for the whole family. The snack bar will be a large comfortable area where players and guests can socialize.

The indoor facility is a 10,000 square foot converted factory floor that will be set-up in a tropical motif. The outdoor facility will be located on a 10-acre parcel of land, and will feature an imaginary town called Piranhaville.

On all playing fields, Jungle Zone will create a competitive environment that will promote playing safe, playing hard, and playing fair. Our customers are satisfied and will come back again and again.

1.3 Keys to Success

Jungle Zone Paintball offers three keys to success.

  • Location. Traffic will be generated by nearby services and stores.
  • Low overhead. Jungle Zone Paintball’s management will keep overhead cost to a minimum.
  • Wide range of game options. Jungle Zone Paintball will strive to offer a variety of exciting and new games.

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