Personal Event Planning Business Plan

Personal Event Planning Business Plan



With the rapid pace of life in today’s world, it is hard to make time for things such as planning parties, parties, and other social events. Due to rising incomes and increasing population, this service is in high demand.


Occasionsis a business that offers equal opportunities. It makes its products and expertise available to assist customers in planning their events. Party Packs (complete kits for their event), make hosting a party a snap, right down to the refreshments. The event planning software brings interactive event planning as close as their personal computer. Through these and other affordable products and services, Occasions aims to be the number one resource for any event.


The market for event management can be broken down into wide-ranging, highly diverse segments. We provide services to individuals as well as organisations. We divide the market into different segments, including public and private, to offer the most complete information.


Occasions stands out in a competitive market. We compete against other hotels with conference venues, conference centers, event planners of all sizes, as well as individuals who have been assigned the task of organizing events. We are not able to match the quality or price of any of our competitors.

Why Us?

Occasions primarily operates as a service company, but we also offer products that help our customers plan the event. Our customers get our expertise and contacts to plan their perfect party at their perfect price.



For information, tax rates are listed. These rates do not affect our loan burden. What hits Occasions the hardest (but not nearly are bad as other service businesses), is the tax rate of 24%, which is nearly one quarter of the total sales. As Occasions continues to grow, these numbers will be reference rather than influence.

Financial Highlights by Year

You will need financing

Owners will contribute $25,000 to cover startup costs and salary for this part-time business.

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