Pharmacy Business Plan

Pharmacy Business Plan



People must be able purchase prescriptions at a lower price. Our operations are efficient and we make it possible. We can target one segment of our market: customers who pay their own prescription medications. They are poor, they are sick, they deserve the same care as those who can afford healthcare and full price prescriptions.


The Discount Pharmacy’s mission is to give our customers the best prices on their prescription drugs. We will exceed your expectations with our convenience and services.


The Discount Pharmacy’s target market consists of two different groups, local customers or walk-ins, and mail order customers.


The pharmacy industry is subject to a variety of forms of competition. They include chain pharmacies (located), mail-in pharmacies, and canadian pharmacies.

Why Us

Our Discount Pharmacy’s offer superior pricing. It is essential that we maintain our position as a low-cost provider by meticulously monitoring operating efficiency and keeping costs low.



The only pharmacist will be needed and the pharmacy techs will fill in the gaps. This will reduce costs. We anticipate profitability by our third-year and substantial sales by year three.

Financial Highlights for the Year

Financing is Required

We will need $115,000 for the start. At the end 4 years we will be able repay the investment.

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