Printing Services Broker Business Plan

Printing Services Broker Business Plan

Copriso is a total solution provider for printing related services and products such as office stationery, brochures, business forms, and marketing materials to Denver area businesses. It is a Colorado-based home business. Copriso operated for the last five years under the name ePrint, Inc., which was solely owned by Adam Suson. Adam joined the Sir Speedy franchise his father had created in 1972. From 1983 to 1996 Adam managed scheduling and procurement for Sir Speedy. He also managed employees and customer service issues. Adam, a former employee of Sir Speedy, became an independent consultant in printing when his family sold the franchise.

Last year, Copriso was chosen to represent Colorado Printing Solutions. The name change was caused by a conflict in Colorado’s name registration. A new name meant that an aggressive marketing strategy needed to be put in place. This strategy includes direct mail and telephone solicitation. Copriso hired a new business partner to help facilitate this marketing strategy.

Paul Levy brings 15 years of sales and marketing experience in both computer technology and telephony. Paul Levy demonstrated consistency over the 15-year period in exceeding sales goals. These goals included quotas of $1 to $3 million. Paul handled both individual sales as well as sales management and training.

Printing is an essential business expense. With our combined experience, and this industry’s resilience, we feel that this change in name and ownership coupled with our new marketing strategy will prove a sound business decision. The following are the keys to success and crucial factors for the next 12 months.

  • Implementing our marketing plan.
  • Increase our customer base
  • Planning for cash flow and financial control

To help us with our marketing strategy, we are looking for a long-term loan. This loan will help with expenses in the first year and ensure consistency in our marketing efforts due to the industry’s seasonality.

1.1 Mission

Copriso, a provider of printing solutions, is dedicated to providing a single source for all your printing needs. We also place a high priority on maintaining and earning our customers’ trust. We will keep a consistent and reasonable margin and provide customers with exceptional service and a fair cost. We will foster a positive, fair, and creative workplace that encourages innovation and hard work.

1.2 Objectives

1. To generate generous annual sales by the third year of this plan.

2. To establish a tiered client hierarchy:

  • 20% long term, established customers
  • 60% customers with ongoing irregular and periodic needs
  • 20% new customers, with unestablished requirements

3. To find 12 new appointment and bidding opportunities each month.

4. To establish two new long-term “quality” relationships per month.

5. To operate at a minimum of 50% margin. This margin is arrived at through historical rates from the previous eight years of data.

6. To be a true one-stop operation by being able to accommodate all of a customer’s printing needs from consulting and design assistance to printing, binding, and distribution. Our goal is to eliminate the need for our customers to source any printing outside of our scope.

7. To raise awareness about Copriso to help sales and income goals. Marketing and word-of mouth referrals will help to spread this awareness. To continue and increase our customer base, we will ask for referral information from all customers. Copriso will promote its services through direct mailings, telephone sales and other means. Future marketing plans are being discussed with both radio and television potentials.

8. To achieve a 30% annual rate of growth. This number can be calculated by using eight years’ worth of historical data, and the new marketing strategy.

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