Produce Farm Business Plan

Produce Farm Business Plan

Mixed Greens Salad Gardens(MGSG) is a fresh company that fills a unsatiated appetite for high-quality greens. There is a constant flow of customers due to Eugene’s close proximity. MGSG is a startup grower and distributor for exotic salad greens. MGSG, which is located in Blue River Oregon, serves the southern Willamette Valley. MGSG’s objectives are to develop a product-based company whose goal is to exceed customer’s expectations, increase production efficiency by 10% a year, and lastly, and develop a sustainable farm business, able to survive off their cash flow.


MGSG plans to sell a spring blend of salad field leaves. These greens can include but not be limited to: red, arugula and radicchio; mustard greens; endive; and chicory. These greens are grown for use in salad mixtures, purchased by the end consumer as well as by restaurants who then serve it to their patrons.

The Market

MGSG is targeting two distinct market segments: restaurants and individual customers. Individual customers can purchase greens at MGSG’s Tuesday and Saturday Farmer’s Markets. This segment is expanding at 12% with 12,000 potential customers. The second segment is local restaurants. Although this market has only 28 potential customers it is much more stable in demand throughout the year.

Competitive Edge

MGSG has two competitive advantages that will enable them to maintain strong growth rates and increase market penetration. The first competitive edge is quality. MGSG prides themselves on the high quality of exotic salad greens. Greens that do not meet MGSG high standards of quality are rejected as imperfects and go to a not-for-profit food bank. MGSG’s second competitive edge is their flexibility. The entire farm has been set up to allow them to change crops or scale existing crops to meet demand. This is highly unusual as most farms are unable to change crops mid year.


MGSG is led by Heidi Ponic. Heidi initially got her start in growing while working at a greenhouse. Heidi worked for a large grass seed business after graduating from college. Heidi was able to learn from this experience and decided that she wanted to stay in the agricultural industry. Soon after her experience at the Willamette Seed Company she decided to enroll in Oregon State University’s Master of Horticulture Program. Heidi’#8217 has her Masters which provided the details and skills she needed to create her own farm business.

1.1 Objectives

These are the objectives for the first three year of operation:

  1. To build a product-based business that exceeds customers’ expectations.
  2. Mixed Greens’ lettuce products should be used by at least 20% of Eugene’s top-rated restaurants, as stated in the restaurant reviews.

  3. To increase production efficiency by 10% per year.
  4. To develop a sustainable farm, surviving off its own cash flow.

1.2 Mission

Mixed Greens Salad Gardens’#8217 mission is to produce the best quality salad greens. Our mission is to retain and attract customers. All else will fall into place if we follow this maxim. We will exceed your expectations with our services.

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