Psychological Health Center Business Plan

Psychological Health Center Business Plan

The Amesbury Psychological Center (the Center), is a multidisciplinary behavioral healthcare practice that provides mental health and substance abuse services for the Merrimack Valley. Our goal is to offer quality, cost-effective treatment. Our goal is to promote, maintain, and create a positive customer relationship between our clients, Anna Jaques Hospital(AJH), payers, associates, and staff as well as our community.

The market for services in behavioral health is growing, as demonstrated by the expansion of the Center’s operations over the past two years. Massachusetts has recently passed a mental health parity bill that will become effective in month one. The bill requires insurance companies that offer benefits to biologically based behavioral disorders similar to health disorders to cover them. This should help sustain the anticipated projected growth. Currently, Outpatient Psychiatric Center refers approximately four phone calls per day to other providers.

This turnkey project is a great success story.

  1. Ability to transfer existing hospital behavioral-health contracts to Center
  2. Credentialing clinicians in a timely manner.
  3. Obtaining initial working capital.
  4. Contracting with clinicians using reasonable rates.
  5. Successfully developing and implementing a billing and collection program.
  6. Listening to all customers and attempting to meet their needs.
  7. How to obtain a medicaid supplier number

The business plan gives us a road map to sustain growth, improve revenue collections, and increase our bottom line to generate a profit.

1.1 Objectives

Goal 1: To continuously develop, strengthen, and improve services offered by the Center.

  1. Develop and maintain strategic alliances with five of the most prominent behavioral health managed care providers to strengthen the existing payor mix.
  2. Establish strategic alliances and partnerships with three community agencies for addiction and human services.
  3. Find and foster strategic alliances or networks with eight community health group practices.
  4. Two months prior to the start date, transfer and/or hire 80%.
  5. Create and implement a billing program two months before the start date.
  6. Increase the expected receipts rates by 40% in comparison to the previous years.
  7. Increased all services through the Center by over 80% from the previous years
  8. Organise working capital for the initial phase.

Goal 2: To strengthen the Center’s commitment to excellence.

  1. You can improve your customer service by providing three trainings in-service related to client satisfaction regarding accessibility, treatment, staff-client interactions, and treatment.
  2. Continuously assess referral base satisfaction through the use of a referral base satisfaction survey.
  3. Continuously assess client satisfaction using three perspectives: accessibility, environment factors, and treatment-related.

1.2 Mission

To promote the well-being of the individuals and families in the Merrimack Valley community by providing accessible, quality mental health and substance abuse/addiction care for children, adolescents, adults, and their families, utilizing a service system that emphasizes trust, respect, confidentiality, and compassion. We are committed in providing quality mental healthcare that is delivered in a collaborative effort alongside consumers’ overall health strategies. We adhere to the principle that we exist for the client/customer.

1.3 Keys To Success

  • Before you start your project, secure working capital.
  • By the seventh month in the first fiscal years, you will be profitable on a forward-looking basis.
  • Cash flow should be positive after the seventh month.
  • A well-respected hospital in the community that is affiliated with.
  • Managed Care friendliness by cooperation, accessibility and clinical focus.
  • Community awareness of services provided by the Center.
  • Establish a medicaid provider # and create an interim plan for operation during the application phase.
  • As evidenced by the Center’s growth, and customer satisfaction, staff commitment to excellence.
  • The Center’s ability to respond quickly and easily to customers’ needs.

  • To be flexible, responsive, adaptable, and willing to learn in order meet the constantly changing needs of behavioral health.
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