Retail Hardware Store Business Plan

Retail Hardware Store Business Plan



Today, more than 40% are women who own homes in the region. In addition, 60% of the area’s rentals are owned by women. It is often a woman who goes to the hardware store to purchase parts or get advice. The hardware stores of today, which are increasingly dominated by mega-store chains are cold and uninviting. They also require more driving time.


Clara’s Hardware offers high-quality hardware products in a relaxed shopping environment. Customers will find assistance quickly and be able to complete the task right away. Clara&#8217, Hardware will continue to focus on meeting seasonal demands of its customers as well as providing top-quality products at fair prices. Clara’s Hardware will also be able to drive the extra 15 minutes to a large-hardware store that is too far away and too costly to entertain.


The South Gate section of Gilmore has seen significant changes in the demographics of home-ownership. Women now own over 40% of the local homes. 60% of the rentals in the area are also owned by women. A majority of the time, it is a woman who will head to the hardware store to purchase parts and get advice. Today’s hardware store, which more and more are dominated by the mega-store chains, are cold, uninviting and usually involve more driving time. Clara’s Hardware has the unique ability to benefit from this new way of life. Clara’s Hardware is conveniently located in the South Gate to provide parts, material and advice for any home or lawn repair. It is important that customers are able to find what they need as soon after they enter the store.


Clara’s hardware will compete against:

True Value Hardware chain stores: The new True Value hardware stores are designed specifically for women. In addition to better lighting and organization, there’s “an expanded assortment of decorative door knobs and drawer pulls.”

McGukin Hardware is owned by mom-and pop shops. This store offers hardware and other products so that customers don’t have multiple places to shop.

There are many other stores in the region, but no one has the same viewpoint as clara.

Why Us?

Clara believes a local Hardware Store can provide a reasonable selection, be competitively priced, and offer customers a shopping environment that will encourage repeat business.



The store will be efficiently laid out to increase sales and give customers the best possible attention. The projected growth rate for Clara’s Hardware is quite steady. The store will reach profitability in six months.

Financial Highlights by Year

Financing is Required

Clara Johnson, our founder, will give us $80,000

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