Rock Climbing Gym Business Plan

Rock Climbing Gym Business Plan

In recent years rock climbing has moved from being a fringe sport to becoming a mainstream activity. This adventurous, fun sport is growing in popularity every year. Igneous Rock Gym will capitalize on this rapid growth to become the only climbing gym Igneous.

According to the greater Igneous metropolitan is home to more than 350,000 people. People can and do learn to climb. This is a realistic starting point for potential customers. Indoor climbing will appeal to the broadest possible audience to ensure Igneous Rock Gym’s success. This will be achieved through the following means:

  • Establishing a safe working environment through the use of properly trained staff.
  • Making the gym group more friendly
  • It is important to provide instruction and encouragement for new climbers.
  • To generate strong word-of-mouth marketing, ensure that there is a high ‘#8216’ fun factor

Americans are choosing to buy experiences over products more often. Igneous Rock Gym will strive to provide a customer with an experience that makes them want more.

Igneous Rock Gym will be a Limited Liability Company, with start-up funding provided in its entirety by the owners, Micah Quartz and Cole Granite. Quartz and Granite have unique skills and experience in building design and build, and more than ten years in climbing gym construction.

Climbing clubs have high starting costs, but once built they can be sold at a very low price. Igneous Rock Gym’s high margins will enable it to make strong profits within its first 12 months. The first year’s sales will be less than $250,000 with a solid net profit to sale ratio. During the next two fiscal years, profits are projected to increase. These projections are based on a modest annual growth in sales. Profits could be higher if the 10% growth rate in the fitness industry were used.

1.1 Mission

Igneous Rock Gym’s mission it to offer patrons all ages an enjoyable, safe and secure environment to exercise, socialize, or learn new climbing skills. By focusing on these fundamental qualities, the friendly and knowledgeable staff will create an environment that is welcoming to wanting to try climbing for the first time as well as the experienced climber.

1.2 Objectives

Igneous Rock Gym has three goals.

  1. The first twelve months saw sales exceeding $250,000.
  2. A minimum of 8% growth in sales during the second or third years of operation.
  3. Be the main indoor climbing center in the Greater Igneous Metropolitan Area.

Success: 1.3 Keys

There are four factors that determine the success of any climb gym:

  1. A happy, friendly staff who create an inclusive environment.
  2. Highly skilled route setters who take pride with their creations.
  3. Positive word of mouth.
  4. Drawing ability in groups

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