Roller Skate Rink Business Plan

Roller Skate Rink Business Plan

McKenzie Roller Rink, a state-of the-art facility that offers both recreational and group skating, is located in McKenzie, Ontario. The rink has been at its present location for five years and was formerly known as Roller Kingdom. McKenzie Roller Rink was unable to take over due to poor management. The rink can be found in Eugene Oregon, and is easily accessible to major roads and interstates.

The McKenzie Roller Rink has been upgraded to provide an exclusive recreational opportunity for the greater Lane County region. There will be a concessions area that offers a variety of food options. Party rooms are available for large groups such as civic organizations, church groups, and school functions. McKenzie Roller Rink’s dedicated staff will be available to offer excellent customer service. It would like for the company to see more loyal customers. McKenzie Roller Rink is focused on local markets and will give preference to large groups seeking a facility for their events or parties.

McKenzie Roller Rink will stand out among other recreational opportunities in this area by emphasizing customer service. It will also create a welcoming and friendly environment for those in our target audience. It is essential to maintain long-term relationships and friendships with school groups, churches, and civic groups. We will also get involved in community activities. We cannot just market and sell services. We must provide those services with an emphasis on excellence. McKenzie Roller Rink will offer a website that appeals to all types of customers who are looking for recreational options. Times of operations, descriptions of our facilities, and the costs will be included in the site.

Our management philosophy is based upon mutual respect and responsibility. McKenzie Roller Rink employees will find a work environment that promotes creativity and has fun. Don Jones, along 10 employees will take an active role in the day-to-day operations of the facility. Don Jones is the majority shareholder and has extensive experience in managing such a facility. Don will be joined by Paul Robins as well as David Barkley and Paul Robins who will form strong leadership for the business. McKenzie Roller Rink would like to see first year sales at over $400,000 with a five to nine percent increase for year two.

1.1 Mission

McKenzie Roller Rink allows recreational skating as well as group bookings. McKenzie Roller Rink provides a great party venue and concessions with a variety food choices. This facility is family-friendly. Customer service is going to be a focus with the intent of keeping a positive, fun atmosphere. McKenzie Roller Rink puts safety of our patrons first. Employees of McKenzie Roller Rink are considered a valuable asset to the company and will be treated in such a manner.

1.2 Objectives

  1. Increased sales to more than $1million in the third fiscal year
  2. Restore gross margin to at least 90% and keep it there.
  3. Increase customer approval rating 20% by the end of the second-year

1.3 Keys of Success

These are the keys for success in this business:

  • Marketing: Growing interest in skateboarding as a sport.
  • Facilities: Providing an attractive facility that caters to individual and group activities.
  • Customer Service. Provide the type of customer service that makes the patron feel valued, and encourages them to return.

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