Scholarship Consulting Business Plan

Scholarship Consulting Business Plan

ScholarshipAssist aids college-bound students to find scholarships. ScholarshipAssist is able to increase the award amount for students that have a scholarship or can increase the likelihood of a scholarship award for those on the border line of receiving one. ScholarshipAssist maintains an extensive database of available scholarships and offers each client individualized consulting.

Keys to Success

ScholarshipAssist believes that there are three keys to success, which will make the organization more successful. The first is the need to offer significant value to the customers. Second, you must maintain a 60% success rate in securing scholarships and increasing the amount. Financial control is the third important aspect.


ScholarshipAssist has divided its market into two distinct segments. The first group includes applicants who are very likely to receive scholarships. This segment has 93,000 potential customers and is growing at 10% annually. This second group includes questionables, whose needs can be met by ScholarshipAssist’s guidance. This group has a 11% annual growth rate with 112,000 potential applicants.


ScholarshipAssist is being lead by industry veteran Steve Tracker. Steve has a Babson College business graduate degree. Steve has experience in financial aid at Babson College, Fannie Mae and the Pew Charitable Trust Foundation. ScholarshipAssist’s success is ensured by a highly experienced manager.

ScholarshipAssist has conservatively forecasted sales of $172,589 for year two, rising to $232,508 by year three. The next three years will see increased profitability. ScholarshipAssist’s combination of a well-designed business plan in a rapidly growing market and a skilled manager will allow for rapid market penetration in a dynamic market.

1.1 Mission

ScholarshipAssist aims to help thousands more college students fulfill their dreams by providing scholarships. ScholarshipAssist will aim to maintain 100% customer satisfaction for all clients.

1.2 Objectives

  • Become known as THE resource for scholarship assistance.
  • You will reach profitability by year end.
  • Within three years, achieve annual sales of $200,000

1.3 Keys To Success

  • Provide significant value to your clients by maintaining a large database of scholarships and other useful information.
  • Support at least 60% of the clients to obtain significant scholarships.
  • Maintain strict financial controls.

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