Software Testing Business Plan

Software Testing Business Plan

Cresta Testing, Inc., aka the “Company”, or “Cresta” as it is commonly known, is an innovative, global professional services firm with a track record of quality assurance and testing. Cresta helps reduce risk, lowers software development cost and greatly improves the time it takes to bring new systems to market.

Cresta has an experienced management team that aims to increase its annual growth by more than 40 percent (40%) through excellent customer service, proven competitive strategies, and a group who bring energy and enthusiasm to the Company’s sales and delivery processes. Cresta’s financials are realistic, and based on conservative figures relative to the industry as a whole.

Professional services companies must stand out from the sea of low-cost service providers that are commodity-based and cheap. Cresta is unique as our capabilities and services are exclusively focused on quality assurance (QA).

Customers can easily understand and see our identity. Customers love doing business with ‘#8220’ specialists. They understand the value of our service delivery team, which is made up of experienced QA experts, who are proficient in the latest QA technologies. Cresta delivers the right service at just the right time.

Current job insecurity, financial scrutiny, regulatory and business compliance and global terrorism, now requires the aggressive adoption of risk management strategies and actions, to ensure the success of each business-driven, technology solution.

Cresta’s contribution to mitigating risk is significant, enabling clients to guarantee the functionality, performance, and scalability of critical business applications and supporting technology infrastructure. We assist clients in becoming self-sufficient or we execute QA activities to help them achieve their service and financial management objectives.

Cresta’s ‘#8220’ roots have grown within global financial services, which has our largest client base. They also provide reference-ability. This market should remain our main focus in the future as it will simplify sales and delivery and leverage our past work.

Cresta hopes to be a trusted advisor for each client, and to have the opportunity to prove the importance of Cresta’s value-add.

1.1 Mission

Cresta’s mission it to offer clients a specialized, reliable and high-quality alternative to in house resources to help them develop and implement international QA/testing methodologies and infrastructures. Cresta must offer an alternative to in-house resource by offering a high degree of practical experience, business know-how, sophistication, confidentiality, and business practice sophistication. Cresta can be a better alternative to in-house resources for developing and implementing QA and testing strategies.

Cresta must provide its clients with the most qualified IT solutions through QA and strategic testing services that minimize risk, improve time to market, optimize ROI and ensure the scalability and reliability of IT systems environments throughout the enterprise. Cresta must maintain financial balance and charge high prices for its services. It should also deliver a higher level of value to clients. First, the development of New York City will focus on the financial service community and the provision of services for European clients here in the United States.

1.2 Objectives

  1. Sustained profitability utilizing efficient operational systems to achieve a minimum gross margin of fifty percent (50%) and a corresponding net profitability after tax of nine percent (9%) to be reached by year-end 2004. The following yearly levels of profitability are maintained at or above the current top public IT testing consultant.
  2. To maximize growth, you must have a solid customer base. You should aim to achieve a minimum annual growth rate of 40 percent in the next two (2) year and a minimum annual growth rate 15 percent thereafter.
  3. Cresta&#8217s success depends on a stable and steady environment.

Cresta has established a consulting body that provides basic training in select toolsets. All consultants have Cresta certifications in all major technologies used in Cresta’s marketplace by the end the first quarter 2004.

  • By the end 2002, Cresta&#8217’s services and products were in need of a balanced consulting team.
  • 1.3 Keys for Success

    1. Leverage Cresta’s positive reputation and marquis client references to close large, qualified opportunities.
    2. True industry specialization is essential. This will allow you to have a distinct competitive advantage as well as service differentiation.
    3. Cresta-certified consultant resources are available for use in Cresta’s target markets.

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