Solar Water Heater Distributor Business Plan

Solar Water Heater Distributor Business Plan

Sun Heat is a California-based start-up that offers solar home water heating systems. The company’s founder Sara Clark is the one who registered it.

The Market

Southern California has a huge market for solar heating. They get more than 245 days of sunlight per year. Sun Heat has identified two distinct market segments that they will market their products to. The DIY segment is the first. The second segment is people that will utilize a skilled installer to have the system implemented at their home. The DIY market is growing at 9% per year and has potential customers of 3.9 million. The professional install market has a 8% annual growth rate and 2.7 million possible customers.

The Products

Sun Heat will offer two options for solar home water heating systems. A do-it yourself system or a licensed installer. Both are environmentally conscious and cost-conscious.

Sun Heat&#8217’s system is capable of saving the family between 70%-90% on electricity used to heat water.


Sara Clark, who is the leader of Sun Heat, has the experience and education to implement this proven business model. Sara has a Bachelors in Environmental Studies and a Masters in Engineering and Business Administration. Both year two, and three are predicted to see significant sales growth. For years two and three, net profit will also grow.

1.1 Objectives

  • To be the leader in solar-based water heating systems.
  • To gain rapid market penetration in the first 3 years.
  • To create a customer-centric company based on cutting-edge technology.

1.2 Mission

Sun Heat is committed to being the leading solar water heater manufacturer, providing the best products and the best customer service. This will allow customers to save money while also making positive contributions towards the environment.

1.3 Keys To Success

Sun Heat has identified 3 keys to success that will enable the company to grow into a market leader.

  • Provides cutting-edge, reliable, and easy-to-install and manage solar water heating systems.
  • Broadening the market of solar heating into a mainstream energy source.
  • Designing and implementing strict financial controls.

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