Spa Health Club Business Plan

Spa Health Club Business Plan

Visions (VS), is a socially and ecologically conscious health club. It is not only concerned about physical beauty, but also with mental well-being. It’s a club that is socially and environmentally conscious. All products used are safe for plants and free from cruelty. We at VS feel that pampering our clients’ leads to the health and well being of the greater society, therefore, we address the special health concerns of our clients with exercise, yoga, and meditation.

Our company’s goals include being profitable and building a product range through name recognition. While the immediate goal is to launch another product line in the beauty industry, the long-term goal of our company is to go public with a number of health clubs facilities and an active product range.

1.1 Keys to Success

  • You can create an environment that encourages people to feel good about yourself, both mentally and physically.
  • Provide services for those seeking natural means to strengthen and heal their bodies due to injury or illness.
  • Service to the financial and emotional needs of women who live in shelters.
  • Special activities are available for different holidays.

1.2 Objectives

  • Break even by the end year two
  • Have an increase in new clients quarterly.
  • Let the community know about the work of your company.
  • Increased profits can be donated to charities.

1.3 Mission

Our company’s goal is to improve the lives of both men and women through providing an environment that encourages relaxation and offers health-conscious alternatives.

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