Sports Therapy Business Plan

Sports Therapy Business Plan

Cyclist Repair Center, (CRC), is a specialist clinic for cyclists in Boulder, Colorado. Arthur Mendosa–Cadiz is the founder of Cyclist Repair Center. Arthur founded the center in January 2004 as a Colorado corporation. Cyclist Repair Center is expected quickly to gain market penetration due to their focus strategy, doing what they are best at, serving cyclists.

The Market

Cyclist Repair Center identifies two distinct customer segments they intend to target. The first is the competitive cyclist. There are two groups within this segment. They are professionals and experts. With an average annual growth rate of 4.4%, there are approximately 4,500 competitive cyclists. These people are looking for training or therapeutic repair services to help them be more competitive in their respective races.

The second group consists of recreational cyclists. This group has 32.090 potential customers, and a 5% increase rate. These cyclists may be competitive, but they are mostly passionate and enjoy riding. The demographics of the recreational cyclist show a more wealthy group than that of the competitive cyclist, as cycling is not a highly lucrative career.

Boulder, CO has been chosen by Cyclist Repair Center to house their center. Boulder is well-known as a high-mountain sport town where cycling is a favorite activity. Boulder is home to hundreds of miles worth of road cycling. As for mountain biking, there are too many trails to count, all within a few minutes drive or ride from town. The United States Cycling Federation established their olympic training facility in Boulder to recognize the importance of the city for cycling.


Cyclist Repair Center offers a wide range of cycling specific sports medicine and training services that range from the proactive to the reactive. The following services are offered:

  • Sports massages are for those who want more comfort and faster recovery.
  • Personal training: For weight loss, speed and endurance.
  • Bike fit- for increased comfort, power, or speed.
  • Fitness assessment: Includes such tests as VO2 max (or lactate threshold), aerobic threshold, and anaerobic hurdle.
  • Diagnoses and treatment for cycling injuries by physicians and physical therapists.

Cyclist Repair Center will have on staff a USCF Category I or II racer turned personal coach/trainer, a sports medicine physician, massage therapists, physical therapists, as well as a wide range of cycling specific equipment to assist these service providers.


Arthur Mendosa is the leader of Cyclist Repair Center. Arthur has been immersed in cycling for years. Arthur began his career as a competitive cyclist after completing his undergraduate education. He also worked in the bicycle industry for many years. These years of racing gave him a wealth of knowledge about cycling and how it affects the body. Arthur obtained a Masters in Sports Physical Therapy from the University of Colorado and continued to practice physical therapy for many more years. Arthur will be able to leverage his passion and experience for bicycles, as well as his empirical experience as a physical therapist to offer Boulder a wonderful cycling service.

Cyclist Repair Center can quickly attract customers and generate revenue by locating in Boulder. Year two and three will bring in revenue of $369,000 and $443,000, respectively.

1.1 Objectives

  • To achieve profitability by the second year.
  • In year three, generate revenue of more than $400,000
  • In year three, make a profit of at minimum 10%

1.2 Mission

The Cyclist Repair Center’s mission is to provide individualized cycling-specific assessments, diagnosis, treatment and training programs. All clients will receive national-class service with an emphasis in education and empowerment.

1.3 Keys for Success

  • Keep our focus on cycling injuries and training.
  • A wide variety of services are available to suit all needs of cyclists.
  • For an organization to run efficiently, it is important to have strict financial controls.

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