Teachers’ Employment Agency Business Plan


Teacherafterschooljobs.com is a new job search website that is designed to provide teachers with part-time or seasonal employment, supplementing their current income. It will help educators match mature, responsible, educated people with employers who are looking for part-time or seasonal employment. While the revenue will come from the employer listing fees, Teacherafterschooljobs.com will have two general customers, the employers as well as the employees in search of the jobs. In addition to having a robust job board on their site, Teacherafterschooljobs.com will also offer tools for the educators, often consisting of a large list of useful hyperlinks. This feature is useful for both the employers and the employees who post jobs.

The Market

It is well known that educators are very dedicated professionals who work at below market wages. For a multitude of reasons, teachers are paid poorly in America. This is why a large number of teachers are seeking supplemental income. As mentioned previously, Teacherafterschooljobs.com will be receiving revenue from the employer listing fees. Targeted markets will include four distinct segments. The first is retail which has an annual growth rate of 50%. Teacherafterschooljobs.com believes there to be 50 potential customers in this segment. The next group is government with also a 50% growth rate and 40 possible customers. Private daycare and camps are also targets with a 25% growth rate, and potential customers. The last segment targeted will be education with a 10% growth rate and 20 customers.

Competitive Edge

Teacherafterschooljobs.com has a unique pool of prospective employees, all of the employees are professional educators who have skill sets centered on education, professionalism, and the passion and dedication commonly associated with teachers. This offers a significant distinction relative to the many other online job boards such as Monster and Hotjobs since they have very disparate cross sections of job seekers. Employers who post jobs will be attracted to companies that have a strong candidate pool.


Teacherafterschooljobs.com will be developed and run by Patrice and Rosario Cibella. Rosario Cibella and Patrice are both educators who have worked in the field for more than ten years. They were both passionate teachers over many years. But they saw the enormous potential of an internet job board that offers seasonal and part-time opportunities for educators. Patrice served as a 11th grade teacher in a local area for twelve-years. She was also the department head for social studies in the last four years. Patrice served as the department chairperson. Her managerial and strategic focus skills were honed as she led the department’s recognition as one of the best in the country. Rosario also has a background in education, however his was also mixed with administrative role as the vice principal of his school for six years. Rosario was responsible for the school’s operation as vice principal. This experience will be directly applied in leading Teacherafterschooljobs.com to become the premier specialized online job board.

Teacherafterschooljobs.com is poised for success by combining a solid business model with a huge market potential and a solid management team. The venture is expected to be profitable by month one. There will be modest gross margins during the first year and slight increases in the third year. Teacherafterschooljobs.com is forecasted to achieve a minimal gross profit by the end of year three.

1.1 Objectives

The following are the main objectives for the company:

  1. Attract a minimum of 100 employers subscribing for a year of job listings.
  2. Provide educators with additional reasons for accessing the site by attracting related links
  3. Use the increased traffic to attract additional employers to finance expansion of the Web page offerings.

1.2 Mission

Teacherafterschooljobs.com seeks to provide a concise and reliable site for employers and teachers to fulfill mutual needs. Employers need reliable candidates to fill their part-time and seasonal needs. Teachers, traditionally underpaid professionals, require supplemental income to maintain their chosen profession. The company’s mission is to supply a vital resource that will allow educators to continue their profession. It also aims to increase the profitability and turnover of service providers and retailers.

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