Tutoring Service Business Plan

Tutoring Service Business Plan



Schools are underfunded, kids need schooling, some kids need more help than others; some parents want to help more than others do. Tutoring is a way for children to learn.


Bryan’s Tutoring Service provides tutoring in a variety of academic subjects. Private sessions can be set up or students can form tutoring groups. While private sessions provide intensive individual assistance, groups sessions are more cost-effective and encourage a team-based approach. Bryan’s Tutoring Service also offers a comprehensive collection of past exams, which can be invaluable in both teaching and exam preparation for courses that are The Atkinson-based. Bryan&#8217, Bryan&#8217’s Tutoring Service utilizes the Systematic Analysis Framework. This unique method of problem solving is taught to students and provides a way to approach any topic they may encounter at school. This system is designed to help students solve their own problems. This system is not like most tutors, which are more concerned with answering immediate questions than teaching students how to solve problems for future applications.


Bryan&#8217s Tutoring Service identifies several target markets to be targeted. Willamette’s business students is the largest segment. Bryan has good relationships with many of the business program’s professors. This allows Bryan to tailor his tutoring to each course and also receive referrals. This market segment will have three subgroups: non-quantitative and quantitative clients. Bryan&#8217s Tutoring Service can also be used by undergraduate students from Willamette University and nearby colleges.


Tutoring has been around for as long time as students. And as long as students get in over their head, they will need tutors to help them catch up and keep up with their classmates. It is not difficult to understand some materials.

Even though tutoring is still needed, the majority of tutoring that takes place on the market is inefficient and poorly organized. This company stands out because of its extensive experience and dedication to each student’s needs.

Why Us

Bryan&#8217’s Tutoring Service exists in order to assist students. We take a unique and innovative approach to teaching that helps students connect with the subject matter they need to master. Our students learn the skills necessary to excel in their respective fields through personalized and focused instruction. Our success depends on our attention to the needs of our clients and truly helping them achieve – we don’t succeed unless our clients succeed.



This is a personal tutoring business. Bryan will have enough income to cover his expenses during the school years, even if there are fewer students. These expenses and rent are to help Bryan pay rent and eat. between group sessions.

Financial Highlights by Year

Finance is required

Bryan will use his savings for this venture. He only needs enough to pay his first month’s rent.

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