Video Television Production Business Plan

Video Television Production Business Plan

EvergreenTV Productions, Inc. is a multi-faceted company, with the potential to branch into new venues as the company grows. There are currently three phases in development. The first is our home division. This division can be expanded to include three stores located in Tampa/St. This will allow us to generate enough revenue for the expansion of tour and traveling and the business to company divisions. To realize this plan, however, we will require additional funding.

The Home Division creates digital video memories by digitizing photos of customers, setting them up to music, and using select digital effects. Our operations guide is a business system that helps us produce more videos per week, while maintaining a consistent quality standard. We will use this system and follow this video production plan to generate the necessary revenue to be able to accept other projects associated with a company that produces videos, which will lead into the next division.

The Tour and Travel Division provides specialized production on a wide range of hand-picked projects, depending upon the client’s needs. This division produces videos of local interest to play in doctors’ offices’ waiting rooms. It also creates videos to promote local businesses and tours/travel videos for companies. We will develop this division into a self-sufficient branch within the first year.

The Business to Business division (B2B), markets the news stories and offers a service to post resumes for students in university communications. These stories are sold nationwide to small market television stations. This division is what drives EvergreenTV Productions. After seven months of development, our website is complete. Our website is ready to change the way television news programming is done. Selecting only the best, we gather an impressive selection of “timeless” news stories produced by college and university students. According to market research, small-market tv stations often need “filler” news, which can be local, regional, and national. Many customers subscribe to costly services with limited story selection. EvergreenTV Productions can provide quality news stories for stations, as well as filler news, which they can use anytime, anywhere, and any day. EvergreenTV Productions has a division that meets two needs. The first is students who are looking for professional experience and a way to enter the television news industry. We help students get their first job by publishing their resumes and promoting their news stories. Second, small market stations that cannot afford news programming can benefit from our services.


Short Term

  1. Two stores will be opened in Tampa/St. The Tampa/St. Petersburg region will have two stores by year two. The business system will be followed by each store to ensure maximum efficiency and high quality.
  2. Make an hour-long video highlighting points of interest in Tampa/St. Petersburg area to sell at the local doctor’s offices by the end. Tape sales will support travel and expenses for goal three.
  3. By the end of the sixth month, generate an inventory with 15 stories for the business-to-business division and 50 stories by month nine.
  4. End of the first year, 30 sales to small-market television stations.


  1. B2B Division sales increasing to XX by the third year.
  2. Build B2B news stories to a minimum 300 story count by the third-year.
  3. Open 2 home division shops per year in various markets around the state. i.e., Naples, Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, Pensacola. Each store following our business system to maintain consistency and product control.
  4. To reinvest in business expansion and to maintain a profit

Keys to Success

Home Division:

  • Product quality. This begins with an understanding of the entire process by the customer. Customers should be comfortable sharing their photographs for production and should be happy with the final product.
  • Implementation of business system. Every employee should be fully trained and able to assist other employees in the goals and objectives as defined within the business system. This ensures that the first steps to success are taken.
  • Marketing.

It is important to achieve initial market saturation in key customer groups. Then, a comprehensive referral program should be implemented, as described in the business system guidelines. Presentations to targeted demographics like professional photographers and retirement homes are essential. Building alliances and co-promotions programs with like businesses (such as wedding photographers, disc jockeys, travel agencies and photo processing centers) is key to further growth.

Tour and Travel Division:

  • Product quality/customer satisfaction. All productions must please the client in every way possible, no matter what the genre. It is important that employees are trained to anticipate the needs of clients and assess their ability to fulfill them. It is impossible to overlook the importance of customer satisfaction and quality in any project.
  • Development of referral program. This division will not actively seek projects, but will respond to the needs of referral clients. A well-defined web of referrals will contribute to the consistency of client’s expectations and this division’s output.

Business to Business Division:

  • Product quality. Extensive review of each story submitted. Guidelines for communication professors to encourage the creation of these stories.
  • Marketing. Contacting colleges, universities, technical schools and television stations in the bottom-115 Nielsen markets regularly, repeatedly, and personally. News releases that inform students and stations about the upcoming stories. Faxes, newsletter mailings, and an updated website to promote students and products.
  • Management. On-time product delivery. Budgets under control. For new development or budgeting advice, including copyright/trademark requirements and QuickBooks instruction.


#8220In the factory Revlon produces cosmetics, but at the store Revlon offers hope. Charles Revson is the founder of Revlon.

EvergreenTV Productions, Inc. functions as a production house, but also sells memories, opportunities, and trust.

The home division not only creates video scrapbooks to music but also sells memories as well as quality service. Customers need to trust that we value their photos and will create every video just as if they were our own family. Our employees must feel equal to the standards expected of them, and feel free to contribute new ideas to improve upon our business model. Employees are also customers within the company and should be treated with respect.

The tour and traveling division keeps an open mind to potential video projects so that the client knows his objective. While we will suggest alternatives and bring our experience to the table, we hold the client’s goal as the primary target. We will not alter the project to meet our client’s expectations if we are unable to achieve their goal.

EvergreenTV Productions, Inc.’s business to business division understands the needs and frustrations of small-market tv news and the desire for broadcast students to be part of the tv media environment. Using skills developed in tv newsrooms, EvergreenTV Productions provides a service and a product which match the quality and expectations of tv news directors. It provides professional experience to hundreds of broadcast students each year. It brings together students and stations in accordance with industry quality standards. These standards are maintained, but the company also generates profit and cash. It offers a personal service to students and a guidance system. It provides stations with a professional service, as well as an affordable programming opportunity. EvergreenTV Productions is always looking for new news programming ideas in order to grow the company and serve its clients loyally.

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