Vineyard Bed & Breakfast Business Plan

Vineyard Bed & Breakfast Business Plan

The Enchanted Vineyard Bed & Breakfast can be found in Eugene’s Lorane Valley. It is known for its beautiful scenery and high concentration of vineyards. The B&B will be set up as a sole proprietorship of Missy Stewart. The Stewart&#8217s newly renovated home will be where the B&B is located. Their home is the central point of the B&B experience. Each of the five rooms is equipped with a private bathroom. The facility also features a central living room that allows for socialization, a private garden patio, as well a winery situated on Stewart&#8217s 10 acres. Each room offers guests unparalleled views of the valley from 65% to their windows.

The Market

The Enchanted Vineyard will compete in the hospitality market with hotels and other B&Bs. The Enchanted Vineyard competes against hotels, but their direct competitors are other B&Bs. Because of its small size, the facilities at Enchanted are more comfortable than many other B&Bs. All of the smaller (less than 9 rooms) B&B are a fairly standard house converted into a B&B, nothing noteworthy. Enchanted Vineyard is the opposite. It’s a newly restored house and vineyard situated in a picturesque setting.

The Enchanted Vineyard targets three groups. The first is weekend getaway travel, which are generally Eugeneans looking to get away for the weekend. Eugene, a charming town in the Willamette River Valley is well-known for its old growth trees, wineries and cycling. With over 12,000 customers this customer group is on the rise at 11% an year. The second group is out-of-town travelers which is growing at 10% with 18,000 potential customers. University of Oregon students are the final group of potential customers that the B&B targets. Eugene sees thousands of people every year from around the world, including speakers, professors, and parents. Once a relationship with the U of O has been established, there will be a steady stream of business. This customer group is expanding at 17%, with 12,000 potential clients.

Competitive Edge

The Enchanted Vineyard has two distinct competitive edges that differentiates it from the competition. The first is unwavering attention to detail and excellent customer service. Stewarts are aware that their mission in life is to make their customers happy. John and Missy both will do everything possible to ensure their customer’s happiness. Their unique facility is their second competitive benefit. The unique structure of the facility makes it so special. It’s a beautiful place to relax. It is unique for its position overlooking Lorane Valley. A beautiful area with many vineyards and wineries.

Management Team

Management will ensure that the Enchanted Vineyard is able to continue its strong business model. Missy has earned her MBA providing her with invaluable business skills. Missy was part of a group of five students who opened their own service company while she was studying for her MBA. Finally, Missy’s experience in the B&B sector has given her incredible insight and knowledge that is directly relevant to what she does now.

The Enchanted Vineyard is able to take advantage of this amazing facility and make it a unique B&B, serving the Eugene community. Missy, the sole proprietor, will do this with passion and expertise. The B&B can be profitable by year 2 and generate more than $77,000 annually by year 3.

1.1 Mission

The Enchanted Vineyard Bed & Breakfast’s Mission is to offer the best B&B experience. We are here for customers. If we follow this maxim, all else will fall into place. Our services will exceed the expectations of our customers.

1.2 Objectives

The Enchanted Vineyard Bed & Breakfast’s first three years of operation have been marked by the following:

  • To build a B&B which exceeds the customer’s expectations.

  • Visitors may use The Enchanted Vineyard Bed and Breakfast every week throughout the year.

  • To increase our clients’ number by 20% per annum through superior service.

  • To develop a sustainable business, surviving off its own cash flow.

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