Women’s Boutique Shoe Store Business Plan


One, Two, Step! The best in women’s shoes, boots and accessories will be available. Our selection will range from the basics of comfortable flats and sandals to the trendy style of stiletto shoes and boots. We will be buying directly from manufacturers and representatives. Accessories will receive the highest percentage of merchandise, followed closely by shoes.

One, Two, Step! Chloe Goodlowe organized the company as a sole proprietorship. One, Two, Step! Temporarily it will be located at Houston’s 123 Shoe Lane until it can expand to a full-fledged store.

Monday through Friday at 10 a.m. &#8211, 6 p.m. on Saturday, and Sunday at 10 am. &#8211, 8 p.m. on Saturday. Closed Sundays. Customers can purchase directly through our website or VIP Showcase Events. During Christmas shopping season, there will be extended hours.

All merchandise will comply with the company&#8217’s mission. For the introduction or elimination of certain brands, styles, or sizes, management will depend on customer feedback, sales reports, and suggestions from customers.

The Concept

Recognizing the fact that there is a lot of competition in the market for shoes in longer sizes, the bigger shoe retailers One, Two and Step recognize this. By focusing on niches, we will limit competition. We will also target other retailers whose prices and quality are too high or not efficient for shoe size.

One, Two, Step! Three keys to success are key for us. The first is to establish high-quality, high-value relationships with its suppliers and customers. It is also important to deliver their products on time and in a reliable manner. Reliable administration is the last key to success. This business plan provides the structure necessary to achieve this last key.

One, Two, Step! The business is initially set up to be a home-based venture with plans to eventually expand to a shop/boutique. This will allow you to save money while still providing the best service and support.

The Market

One, Two, Step! It will grow at 3% and there is a lot of potential customers right now, waiting patiently for the start-up of business. One, Two, Step! We will be different from other retail stores for shoes because we will always be cheaper than the competition but still offer the highest quality.

Also, we will offer a sales promotion on a monthly basis, such as:

  • Buy one, Get One Half Price
  • Buy one and get one
  • half off on shoes from the previous season
  • “One, Two, Step!” dollars (for every $50 dollar purchase, the consumer receives an additional 20% off of their next purchase)

Future: One, Two, Step! The company will develop its own shoes, custom-made for women and men .

The Marketing Strategy

Our marketing strategy will not exceed 5% of our annual gross sales. There will be many marketing strategies, including free shipping, postcards and business cards. Word of mouth is also an option.


The goals of One Two Step! are:

  1. To market stylish, elegant shoes in sizes 5-13 to meet the needs of everyday women.
  2. To earn a 50% profit margin after the first year.
  3. To provide excellent customer service. This is measured through repeat and new customers (our goal being that 50% of our customers return within 6 months to purchase additional products) and multiple sales. Our goal is that 30% and 60% respectively of our non-running and running shoe sales come with additional purchases.
  4. To make a net profit in the second year and in the fifth year of your career, you will need to earn $15,000 and $5,000 respectively.


The One, Two, Step! Our mission is provide quality, name-brand shoes and accessories in a range sizes and styles to fit the chic needs of every woman.

Keys to Success

You must be a success in the women’s shoes industry. must:

  • You can have a variety of styles and sizes of shoes to suit the personality of every woman.
  • Offer personalized, top-quality customer care in a Southern hospitality atmosphere.

  • Promote and advertise in all areas to ensure that our customers learn about One, Two, and Step!
  • Continuously monitor our sales and inventory levels and adjust accordingly.
  • Most importantly, always stay on top of the latest trends in the style of women’s shoes.
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